big boss

Big Boss…

By  Vivek Hande


There is a creature called the “Boss”. It comes in various shapes and sizes and many hues. There is a lot of variability in this particular species.  Your existence, professional and often, personal as well is dictated by this creature. It can be a male or a female or sometimes indeterminate. It can   affect you in many ways; good, bad and ugly!

There are Bosses who give you a task and forget about it and only want to be informed when completed. There are others who are micro-managers and will question every step of the task and will involve themselves with each little detail – it would have been easier for all concerned if they had done the job themselves. Some make the performance of a task smooth and graceful; others make it onerous and unpleasant. However , it must be remembered that the only time some people work like a horse is when the Boss is riding them. Some have the ability to render an easily performed job complicated and seemingly impossible. Some breathe down your neck; some don’t let you breathe; some make you breathless!

Some are big hearted and allow you take credit and compliment you generously. There are others who are stingy with compliments and never have an encouraging word to say. There are some who are masters of hogging the credit, for a job done well by you – without a twinge of conscience. There are those who encourage and others, who discourage, discredit and demoralize.  There are some who raise you to the skies and quite easily drop you like a hot potato as well. There are Bosses who are inscrutable and don’t let you peep into what goes on in their mind and then there are some others who are loud and vocal about their feelings and thoughts and let every one around them know what they are thinking!

You may have Bosses who expect you to fawn and suck up and if you don’t ,they feel insecure and agitated .And then you have some who despise sycophancy of any kind and make it clear that they don’t expect any such behavior. There are some who encourage informality and a casual banter and then there are the stiff –upper –lipped species  that won’t be caught smiling or allow anyone to smile. There are those whom you want emulate and then some whom you want to decimate. There are some, for whom, you would be willing to give a limb or life and others whom you would like to push to the other life.

Interestingly, these traits are not gender specific and you could have either the male or the female species behaving either way.  Whether you like it or not, a Boss becomes an integral part of your existence. You can hate her or love him, but ignore you cannot! But, I also like to remind myself that, “Your real Boss is the one who walks around under your hat!”

Author: vivekhande

A gastroenterologist who writes from the gut. an observer ; a learner ..

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