identity crisis

                                                    Identity crisis!!?


    Vivek Hande


It is a technology driven society today and being net- savvy is more a necessity than a luxury .I am a netizen too and I must confess that  I  often surf the net to seek out interesting e-mail ids. Each e-mail id says so much about the individual and gives a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the owner. Often , an address says more about the person than the mail! is quite obviously a serious individual who is rather particular about the way he is addressed and means business. is an orthopedic colleague; is an anesthesiologist and believe it or not, is a gynecologist friend of mine. A final year medicine resident at my hospital is waiting to go into private practice and makes his intentions clear with .


There is a bunch of sports crazy individuals on the net who carry their sporting affiliations as a badge of honour. One encounters or   and I find interesting. A rare one – !


Some addresses are clearly aspirational. My son gets mail from and Another of his friends is .   Some make their musical preferences clear – and don’t leave much to imagination. Some addresses make it clear that the couple is much in love ; mp& and are good examples of love on the net!


Then there are some e-mail ids which convey a social message as well; ; and are prime examples. Some convey different kinds of messages-;   Some addresses give an insight into the mental state of the person and and  might need assistance.

It truly is a fascinating study and I am really hooked on to it. I would love a feedback from readers and would love them to share interesting addresses with me on my email id !!



Author: vivekhande

A gastroenterologist who writes from the gut. an observer ; a learner ..

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