password to heaven or hell?

Password to heaven or hell…


Vivek Hande


Security and all that stuff is good,  no doubt.  But you need a password to be secure. You need a password for everything – you need a password to log on to your email; you need a password to access your bank and credit and debit card details ; you need a password to find out your flying rewards and air  miles; you also need a password to log onto your social network accounts . You need a password to find out how much you have to pay for your own cell phone bills.

All this password business can be quite daunting. I read in the paper recently  that the worst password as per data operators is “123456”. It makes all accounts easy to hack and allow easy access to unauthorized folks. I have spent  long  days changing my password for all my accounts. You guessed it – some of us do have such passwords. I feel intimidated when the computer tells me –“password strength –weak”. It is like a direct reflection on my abilities and intelligence. I feel quite elated and energetic when I am told “ strong password”!Then everybody warns you not to use obvious passwords like your date of birth or your wife’s marriage anniversary (that is mine too, I guess) or your children’s names or your flat number . This again greatly limits your choices and makes things more difficult.

Then there are certain picky and overzealous sites- they will insist on a digit and some alphabets and they have to be mixed up in some order and some in upper case and some in lower case and at the end of a successful password registration, very often you are left feeling a mental case! It is really not fair, I think.

And then, there is the issue of the ‘security question’ to make things more secure. They are pretty intrusive and kind of violate your privacy, if you ask me. What business do they have wanting to know the color of my wife’s eyes or where I met my spouse or what breed my pet dog is. Sometimes to confuse them, I give wrong answers. The only problem is that I forget my answers and I can’t keep track of all my intelligent replies and that becomes a muddling issue more often than not.

I decided I would open a password protected folder which would list all my intelligent passwords for my various online activities. Everything seemed to be going fine for a few days and I would access my folder with one single password and then log on wherever I wanted with my myriad passwords. But this was too good to be true for long – I have , for the past three days completely blanked out on my master password and have now lost access to all my  special passwords and I just don’t seem to be able to recollect it . Things are secure I suppose. If I can’t get in, perhaps nobody can?


Author: vivekhande

A gastroenterologist who writes from the gut. an observer ; a learner ..

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