the blogger’s block

The Blogger’s Block ..


 Vivek Hande



We are denizens of the Blogosphere . All those of you who write or read blogs are citizens of this widely networked world.  “Blog” – used as a noun or a verb has become an integral part of our lexicon today. I recently discovered that the word “Blog” is an abridged version of “Weblog”. Peter Merholz , in 1999 , split the word in jest to “we blog” and we have been blogging ever since in real earnest!


Blogging is addictive and one goes through a day looking at events, or encounters or experiences or reflecting on emotions and thoughts and trying to mentally figure the best way to put down ones’ impressions in print. If you are a hard – core blogger , absence from the Blogosphere( for reasons of work/travel/paucity of time/ill health/inertia/ lethargy /lack of inspiration etc. etc.) troubles you and makes you feel restless and irritable and impatient . You ache to get back to it and you keep feeling something is missing from your everyday routine.   It is a familiar world and you are comfortable navigating it and you know the speed breakers and the corners and the rough edges and you are occasionally surprised by a blind end or a cul- de sac but one does know how to find one’s way.


I am returning to the Blogosphere after a bit of a time. A combination of many of the reasons I mentioned earlier kept me away.  I really wonder what I ought to blog about. I am itching to put my thoughts down but can’t get a handle on a subject or a thought. Maybe I could write about politicians but then why get ones’ hands dirty. I could write about my travels but I haven’t really traveled anywhere recently other than to my place of work. I could write about my neighbors , but then I do need to continue to stay where I am residing. I could, perhaps talk about my efforts at losing weight but then they are issues which are only weighing me down. Maybe, my struggles with my golf handicap could be a subject but I think I will wait to write about it after I master the course(that is a blog which may go unwritten)! I could write about climate change but the climate is changing far too soon before I can pen down my thoughts.


Anyway, I am sure I will think of something to write. In the meantime, let me just savor the feeling of being back in the Blogosphere . I am sure I will get over the Blogger’s Block !!



Author: vivekhande

A gastroenterologist who writes from the gut. an observer ; a learner ..

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